Allergy / eczema


Sensitive and / or allergic skins have the following characteristics:

  • tingling, burning or itching, and tightness
  • mild to severe skin rash in the form of dry red patches, blisters ...
  • worsening of symptoms when exposed to wind, cold, beauty products and cosmetics

Examples of allergies include hives or urticaria and sun allergies. A particular form of allergy is eczema when the skin is inflamed. There are several causes of eczema. Generally, the cause may be hereditary (atopic or atopic dermatitis) or caused by external agents (contact dermatitis).

Treatment Options

  • Local therapy: To reduce the inflammatory response of the skin, a corticosteroid cream is best. There is little risk of side effects when using this cream if you follow the instructions given by your doctor. Many patients wrongly fear these creams which are nevertheless effective and very safe on medical advice.
  • Light therapy: This is the use of an ultraviolet light (PUVA / UVB) optionally in combination with medication (Especially at sun allergy).
  • Antihistamines are drugs that block the release of histamine. Histamine is a substance that is released into the body when in contact with an allergen thus making  the skin hypersensitive.


  • Use a gentle cleanser without alcohol or soap and moisturise the skin daily. It is also recommended to use bath oils. LIPI-CALM is the dermatological range of Seaderm for allergic or eczematous skin using seaweed and minerals from the Dead Sea such as Criste Marine and Madecassoside. These products are available in soft creams or oily emulsions.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fish oil supplements may reduce the symptoms of eczema.


  • Avoid allergens in cosmetics and food.
  • At Mediclinic a facial treatment for allergic skin is preceded by a patch test of the products used in order to verify whether or not you are allergic to them. For this, you should come a week in advance for the wafer test, with the results after two days and thus treatment can be fully adapted to your skin.
  • Mediclinic offers treatments and products of Seaderm for the most sensitive of skin types.

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