Breast reduction

The breasts are composed of adipose (fatty) tissue and mammary glands. When the amount of adipose tissue increases, the chest becomes softer, but also less firm. It is for this reason that large breasts sag more easily. The problem may be aesthetic, but overly large breasts can also cause pain in the neck, shoulders and even irritation in the breast fold. They can also hinder daily activities or sport.

For these reasons, many women want to reduce the size of their breasts. The suggested procedure in this case is a breast reduction combined with a breast lift. The nipples are not removed. They remain attached to the nerves, the mammary gland tissue and the blood vessels to maintain their sensitivity. The tissue of the mammary gland is removed on the left and right under the nipple. The nipple is then repositioned in order to reduce the breast, making it firmer, prettier and lifted.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed as an outpatient. Drains are usually placed after surgery and removed the following day.

The operation is generally much less painful than expected. It will be necessary to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks. A bandage is placed over the scars after the operation and should remain in place for 2 weeks.

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Breast reduction
Gynecomastia (breast reduction for men)