Filler lip

Your lips are already thin by nature, but they have become even thinner with age? Then the injection of fillers is the ideal solution to increase their volume.

How long is the effect of the treatment?
The product remains in the body for about a year, after which the treatment can be renewed.

How can I prepare myself for the treatment?
Swelling or bruising can occur immediately after treatment. If you wish, you can take tablets or drops of Arnica one week before treatment (available in chemists or homeopathic stores). If you take anticoagulant medication, you should stop taking them one week before treatment. These products increase the risk of bruising. For the same reason, do not consume vitamin E and/or large amounts of garlic before treatment. If necessary, you can take painkillers. If you are prone to cold sores (herpes), take your medication starting the day before treatment until the day after.

What is the treatment?
It is possible to use a local anaesthetic to the treated area. The injection is carried out using a very fine needle. The result is visible immediately. You might experience some swelling and bruising straight after treatment.

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