Liposculpture / liposuction

During a liposuction fat is sucked from under the skin via small incisions. The surgeon only removes the fatty tissue and does not tighten the skin. It is therefore important that your skin doesn't sag too much for optimal results.
Liposculpture is a relatively new concept. It is similar to liposuction but is done by means of thinner cannulas and a more refined technique. Maximum one or two areas can be treated per procedure under local anaesthesia. If a larger liposuction is required, the surgeon will operate under general anaesthesia. Mediclinic has the safest anaesthetic methods allowing the surgeon to remove larger quantities of fat per procedure.
There are various techniques for liposculpture. The simplest one is where the cannula is connected to a hand-operated suction pipe. This method is quite intense for the surgeon but still gives a fairly wide control. Vibroliposculpture is currently very popular and is done with an automatically vibrating cannula. The surgeon therefore uses less power and can work faster. This method is also easier under local anaesthesia.
Ultrasonic Liposculpture
During an ultrasonic liposuction the cannula is connected to an ultrasound head. The energy produced by the ultrasound head transforms fat into a white liquid. The advantage of this procedure is that liposculpture can be performed even in dense tissue. The device also has a second advantage: it shrinks the skin which becomes firmer and stimulates the production of connective tissue underneath. Ultrasonic liposculpture is the most effective solution for tightening the skin without scarring. Even mini-breast lifting can be performed without scarring.

Liposuction is probably the most underestimated surgery. The incisions are very limited, but the area treated is much larger. This type of surgery is very safe, providing it is conducted in sterile conditions and that the amount of fluid administered and the fatty tissue removed remains within reasonable limits.
Our body contains different kinds of fatty tissue. Each type has specific properties:

  • The fatty tissue on the hips and thighs is very sensitive to oestrogen and somewhat insensitive to dieting. The great thing is that, once removed, this type of fatty tissue never returns.
  • The fatty tissue on the abdomen and the inside of the thighs is storage tissue. These are very popular areas for liposculpture. Results are very good and will be noticed immediately in the size of your clothing. Unfortunately the result will be lost if the patient puts on a lot of weight afterwards. These areas respond well to dieting.
  • Finally, there is the structural fatty tissue that lies deeper between the two tissues mentioned above and is located almost everywhere under our skin. Structural fat also reacts well to liposcution but the structural fat has a firmer texture and must be removed in a more careful and homogeneous manner. The most popular areas for treatment are the "love handles", which are located on the sides at waist level. Structural fat is also found on the back, shoulderblades and armpits. Because the fatty tissue is firmer, the results of ultrasonic liposuction is most attractive.

Since July 2003, the Belgian law states that only dermatologists and surgeons (plastic) can perform liposuctions. Dermatologists are limited to a liter per session. General practitioners, aesthetic physicians, dentists, ... are no longer allowed perform liposuctions in Belgium.

Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures. If some basic rules (hygiene, maximum amounts, etc.) are met and if the surgical technique is correct, the operation is very safe and leads to high patient satisfaction. Given the recent law by which only plastic surgeons and dermatologists may practice liposculpture, the quality of interventions has increased and the number of complications decreased.

Face and neck
Arms and hands
Tummy and back
Buttock, thigh and pubic area


Liposculpture - 1 zone
Liposculpture - 2 zones
Liposculpture - 3 zones (> 1L aspirant)
Liposculpture - 4 zones
Sixpack sculpture
Sixpack sculpture together with liposuction
Ultrasound treatment with liposculpture
General anaesthetic (with liposculpture)
400€ - 600€